Monday, April 26, 2010

Tokidoki at Sephora

Tokidoki at Sephora

The other night, we attended the party for the Tokidoki Criminally Cute makeup line for Sephora. For the uninitiated (that included us before Thursday), Tokidoki is a universe of Japanimation cartoons, created by Simone Legno.

The makeup line features intense, saturated colors. The Sephora makeup artists raved about the staying power of the Perfetto Eyeliner and the Fantastico Lip Stains. We tested each on our hand, and we can attest that we woke up the next morning with the swipe of liner still perfectly in place.

Tokidoki eyeliner

While the packaging of the shadow is cute and the color is indeed rich, this probably won't make it on our next girls' trip, because it's not very space efficient.
Tokidoki eye shadow

The Prisma lip gloss looks like a glow stick and the confetti filled tip is fun, the gloss is a little to sticky and sticky sweet for our taste.
Tokidoki lip gloss

The Tokidoki Criminally Cute makeup line is available at Sephora.

This review was based on a free sample.

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